January 04, 2014

Switch Up with Lady AmBer's Reviews and Tours

Welcome Switchers! Got the AmBear/Ambers in the house!! Today we are here with my good friend and just plain Awesomeness, Lady Amber, from Lady Amber's Reviews and Tours. If you haven't connected with her before, do so now! You will not regret it. :) So, Let's get to the good stuff.

AmBear: What does Lady Amber's Reviews/Tours do exactly and how long have you been doing it?

Amber: I have been blogging and doing reviews for about 2 years and in 2013 I branched out and started to host release & promo parties to help authors get more recognition for them as an author and their books. I have even started a tour company as well and recruit bloggers to review and promote authors on their blogs.

AmBear:Name the biggest reason you got into Review/tours.
Amber: I love to read, it is and always has been my escape.

AmBear: Does Lady Amber help many authors?
Amber: I like to believe so. I try to help everyone who asks. I may not always be able to do a review but I try to do some type of promo or share links when I can. I have and am a PA for several authors and try my best to make sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

AmBear: So, I hear that you have some badass bloggers, what is the one thing you look for should any bloggers who read this want to join you.
Amber:  I do!! They are all amazing but the biggest thing that I look for is Dedication! I want bloggers who sign up for a tour and be able to post on time.

AmBear: What makes Lady Amber so different from other tour/review groups?
Amber:  I like to think the biggest difference is that I know most of my bloggers and talk to them on a daily basis. I hate it when I tour for another company and I feel like I’m working with strangers or if I send them a message it either takes forever to hear back or you don’t hear anything at all. I look at my bloggers as my friends, I love them all and have come to know and care for each one of them. I like to believe I have one of the most amazing tour groups out there not because of me but because of those who blog for me. They are just phenomenal.

AmBear: Does Lady Amber have any other noteworthy ventures going on?
Amber: Yes!!! Lady Amber has now teamed up with a few other authors, Emma Michaels, Amy Lignor and Tanya Contois. We have started a publishing company called Hallowed Ink Press. I am so excited about this because the ladies that I am working with on this are amazing and I think we are going to go far. We have had so many amazing authors who have submitted or inquired already.

AmBear: So when Lady Amber is “off the clock” what does she like to do?
Amber: I’m pretty boring but I have to say reading and spending time with my family. I have two girls who are just full of life and are always making me laugh and smile. I love them with all my heart and just don’t know what I would do without them, even if they think I’m a bit of a nerd lol

AmBear: Does Lady Amber have a favorite Author or Genre?
Amber: My favorite genre here lately has been New Adult but I read just about anything that catches my attention.

AmBear: What books can be found on Lady Amber's bookshelf?
Amber: OMG I have too many to name but rest assured yours are on it and looking might pretty if I might say so myself. My faves though are prolly the signed copies of Divergent and Insurgent!

 Aww, how sweet. :)

AmBear: Lady Amber's Reviews/Tours had a pretty successful 2013, what is in the works for 2014?
Amber: 2013 was amazing! Not sure if I can top that but I’m sure’s heck gonna try! I did a few blog hops and I would love to do more of those and other community involvement events this year. I have teamed up with Release Day Diva a few times and did a couple of different things and I think we can see more of that in the future. I admire the different events they do at YATR and would love to be able to implement some of them. Anything to help promote authors and bloggers. I am also hoping to release my book this year as well, but I have been keeping that on the down low. Only a few really know what it’s about or have read pieces of it. I’m really scared and excited for everyone to read it.

AmBear: That's it for switch Up today. Thank you Amber for stopping by. I love having you here.
Amber: Thank you AmBear Shellea for interviewing me as always you are awesome and it’s been fun hanging with you!
AmBear: Back atcha chicka! Awesomesauce!