January 02, 2014

Switch Up with A Book Whore's Obsession

Hey Switch Uppers! Today we have quite the treat for you. In the spotlight, we have Kari and Cara form the Book Whore's Obsession FB Page. I think they are lovely and I think you will too. Whoo Hoo! Let's get this goin'!

AmBear: Tell us What a Book Whore's Obsession does and how it works.
Kari: A Book Whores Obsession is a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/messages/100004054806643#!/AbkwhrsO ~ 

and a blog page ~ http://bookwhores.weebly.com/  that work hand-in-hand. We give readers glimpses of book boyfriends on our Facebook page and then a more in-depth look at them on our blog page. Our focus through it all is the ‘book boyfriend’ aspect of the book world!
Cara: Our Facebook page posts links to books, sales, giveaways, author pages and more. We love fan interaction, so we have “Questions of the Day”, post polls frequently, and play games.
Our blog page participates in blog tours and cover reveals and, of course, we post our book boyfriend reviews there. One cool feature of our blog is that you can search our reviews by ‘book boyfriend quality’. Let’s say that you are looking for new book to read about a hot businessman. Go to our blog, scroll to the bottom, and click on “businessman”. You will get a list of all of the businessmen we have reviewed with links to the actual review, so you can see what we had to say! It’s like having a best friend with tons of book knowledge right there, helping you pick out a new book boyfriend!

Oh, sounds kickass! That's a pretty in depth set up. I, for one, will be checking that out!

AmBear: What can authors, readers and fans be sure to find when visiting your page?
Kari: You can find so much on our page! Our Facebook page has a plethora of information beneath our banner! There are links to book release dates, our cafepress store (tons of great book whore loot there, ladies! http://www.cafepress.com/abookwhoresobsession  , our Amazon store (where we filtered Amazon’s million book links to show only our favorites for you!), as well as our photo albums. You should definitely check those out – it’s like ‘window shopping for your next book boyfriend’. We have done a million quote pics in the last 10 months and have saved them by book. So if you hear about a new book, head over to our Facebook page. Go to our photo albums, find the book, and then get a visual on the book boyfriend and see if it is something that literally LOOKS good. ;)

Lovin' these shirts on your Cafepress page! Awesome. "Book Whore" on pink glow? I think so, yes!

AmBearDo you host contests and giveaways full of goodies?
Kari: We are always giving away something – ebooks, bookmarks, and loot from author signings! We try to make it super simple to enter our contests!

There ya go, readers, another place to enter and win!

AmBear: What made you decide to start your page?
Cara Kari & I met on a book page at the end of 2011. We always liked the same things and found ourselves commenting on the same threads and ended up ‘friending’ each other. We share a passion for Cam Gigandet as Travis Maddox – that is what actually brought us together!
Kari sent me a message one day and was like, ‘Hey! Let’s start a page for Cam as Travis!’. So we did. Then we noticed that there wasn’t a blog page that really focused on the book boyfriend aspect of the book world and, as they say, A Book Whores Obsession was born on March 6, 2012. It has been a wild and fun year for us and we can’t wait to head into the next one!

That's great! I love discussing book boyfriends with my bestie too!

AmBear: What is your favorite part about running such a successful page?
Kari: First of all, thank you for saying it is successful! Numbers do not necessarily translate into success – it is the perception by the ladies on it and the ‘feel’ of it that determines success. So it makes us smile that you think it qualifies!   Our favorite part is the camaraderie of the ladies on our page. They really are the best! We are proud that our page is a positive, drama-free, friendly place to be – and that’s because of the people on it! They interact with each other, play our silly games, vote in our polls, and help each other find a book.
AmBear: I have to say, I love the Drama-free aspect of your page too. Everyone is excited about the books but they all act like adults. It is so refreshing.
Cara: When I log on and see someone has posted ‘I read this book once about a girl and a guy in college’ and 60 people have responded in 20 minutes saying, ‘is it this one?’ – those are my favorite moments. Annnnd when people send me pics of Cam Gigandet or Dan Conn because they know I love them! I have a penchant for those moments, too! ;) )

See, these ladies are awesome.

AmBear: Does your page have a favorite page you visit often?
Kari: Do we have favorite pages? Of course! We support lots of other blogs and we stalk author pages religiously! ;) SchmexyGirls, The Book Vamps, and Book Addict Mumma are just a couple pages that we follow! There are so many great ones out there, though – we have so many that we love!
AmBear: I love those pages too.  :)

AmBear: What genre is loved the most by your page?
Kari: Contemporary romance is probably the favorite sub-genre of our page. However, we are noticing an upswing in the popularity and support of the romantic comedy books. Authors like Tara Sivec, Alice Clayton, and newbie Zack Love are really getting a lot of chatter on our page – we are getting lots of messages about these type of books and things like, “I just finished Seduction & Snacks by Tara Sivec – what do I read NOW!?”. There’s also a rise in interest in books from the male POV. Of course, as many love them as hate them, so it really is a fine line.
AmBear; I don't think I have read any of these authors. I will have to check them out. Cara, how about you?
Cara: Personally, I  think it totally depends on the author and the character. I’ve seen them done amazingly well, then I’ve seen them done where more harm was done than good. Writing a great male POV just can’t honestly be done by everyone. *shrugs* 

That's true.

AmBear:  Book whores love to read many different things, what is your pages most loved type of read?
Kari:  What is our page’s favorite type of read? Let’s see….. The bad boy businessmen and the fighters seem to hold a special place in the hearts of our page. LOL
Cara: It’s the whole ‘flawed bad boy’ thing, I think. It is the Travis Maddox, Colton Donavan, Gavin Blake and Jesse Ward type of guys that make our fans crazy. And us, too. (Hush, Kari!) I’m sorry, Kari is reminding me that I forgot Kellan Kyle. *rolls eyes* LOL
AmBear: Anyone else some to mind? 
Kari: Oh! And Christian Grey. Doesn’t it always go back to him? He really is the ‘book boyfriend measuring stick’. Cara: I  read somewhere once, “On a scale of 1 – Christian Grey, how good was he?” and I think that is absolutely true! LOL
AmBear; Yes, I have noticed that too... The Christian Scale. :)

AmBear: If the Book Whore's Obsession could meet any author, who would it be and why?
Kari: You want us to pick ONE author?! Are you crazy?
AmBear: Yes, but inquiting minds want to know.... :)  I was asked this same question. It is nerve racking but at the same time, I am always amazed by the answers. I have found new authors by asking this question. So...
Cara: I feel so ‘on the spot’! LOL I don’t know, really – and I’m not just saying that! K Bromberg would be incredible to meet! Colton Donavan & Beckett Daniels (my book husband!) are two of my favorites and her Driven Group is just phenomenal! She is so involved with her fans, so I feel like I kinda know her. In my little fantasy world, it would be like meeting an old friend when, it reality, I’ve never met her! LOL So that may or may not work out. ;) I also adore Lauren Blakely – like ADORE! I would love to meet her. I imagine her just like McKenna in Trophy Husband, so I’d love to see if that is true. Oh! And Jodi Ellen Malpas – the lady that created The Lord of the Manor. When she confirmed our “Sunday Sitdown”, I flailed like a muppet. I was going crazy! So maybe I shouldn’t meet her, now that I think about it. That could be embarrassing…..
Kari : I would love to meet the authors of my favorite book boyfriends! SC Stephens would be first, since Kellan Kyle is my all-time favorite! Did you all read the Thoughtless Trilogy!? I mean – WOW! J. Sterling is one of my favorite authors and not just because she wrote Jack F’n Carter. She is funny, smart, witty, and seems like a genuinely “real” person, so she makes the list for a few reasons! J Raine Miller, Colleen Hoover, M. Leighton – I’d die if I got to meet any of them!

OKay, readers, i think it is obvious we all need to check out this Kellan Kyle. He seems like pretty hot stuff!

AmBear: What can we expect to see from Book Whore's Obsession in 2014?
Kari:  We have tons of fun things planned for the coming year! You will see the same things that we’ve done this past year, including our Thursday “Meet the Author” events and our Sunday Sitdowns
(starting at 8pm EST). We’ve just posted the Sunday line-up and can we just say that we are soooo excited and totally fan girled! 
AmBear: Fan girled? Oh, we need to check this out. If it is fangirl worthy then it needs checking into.
Kari: We are expanding our blog tour packages (check out the blog for pricing and information) and really trying to help put together things that help authors get their books out there to readers and helps readers hear about the new books. In today’s world, so many books come out each day. We love highlighting the books and authors we love.
Cara: Kari has created K23 Design and she has been rocking out these book covers and custom quote pics for authors, too! Her Facebook page is amazing. That is definitely something you’ll be seeing more of in 2014!
Oh! We’ve just started a book club! We let our fans vote on the book and they selected “All The Pretty Lies” by M. Leighton. You have until the end of January to read it and then the author will be dropping by our page (and a time and date to be determined) to discuss the book with everyone! We are very excited about this new feature and can’t wait to explore new books along with our fans this year!

Oh, thats sound like a lot of fun.
Cara: We have some things up our sleeves, too – we can’t spill all the secrets in one interview though. There are some amazing things that will be debuting soon! (Kari won’t let me tell you everything. I am awful about keeping secrets! (whispers to Kari ) ‘Can I bring up that ONE thing?’ (Kari nods and gets all embarrassed)
And Kari is writing a book, Promise Me Always, that is coming out in February! Yay! *claps* Y’all are gonna love Blake! Like L-O-V-E! Go check her out (she just might have the entire first chapter on her FB page, but you didn’t hear that from me!) – www.facebook.com/karimarchauthor.

Another page to check out and like. These ladies are full of surprises. :)

Kari: We just want to thank you for having us over! It is kinda strange having the tables turned on us, we won’t lie! LOL
AmBear; Aww, thank you ladies. I have had a wonderful time having you here. I knew it would be a great time.
Cara: Seriously, thank you for thinking of us and thank you to everyone that has supported us through this year! We never, ever, ever expected to reach 2,000 – let alone 14,000 LIKES in less than a year! It amazes us that people actually want to hear our opinion on anything! LOL We understand that there are hundreds of book blogs out there, so we truly appreciate each and every LIKE that we get. 
*hugs all around*

Ok, readers if you haven't yet, please stop by and give these ladies FB page a like and if you can become a follower of thier blog. They are pretty awesome, as you can see and a whole lotta fun.
be sure to stop by tomorrow for more Switch up Fun! :)



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