January 19, 2013

AmBear's Phantasy Emporium

WHoo Hoo!  Great News.  The Official Merchandise  for The Pedalstem Lillie Series and The Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series, now has it's own Store!  My own Store! YEA!!!  So, if you have a minute please check it out here.  http://www.cafepress.com/ambearsphantasyemporium 

January 02, 2013

Exciting News

I have great news!  I am so excited to share with you!  First, if you will look at the Release Counter, you will see that we have only 13 days until Rock n Roll Promises is here. YEA!! 

Onto to the other news... Rock n Roll Promises book Trailer will be live in as little as tomorrow, it may take a few days, but tomorrow is looking good!  AND, The day we have been waiting for, is almost here. Okay, the day besides release day.  The Cover Reveal!  Yes, It is almost ready to show you. I have seen it and its awesome!  I can't wait to share!  

Cover Reveal Tomorrow!!!  So, be sure to stop back by.