January 05, 2014

Switch Up with the Awesome, Jessica!

Whoo Hoo! Today we have my Awesome P.A. Jessica, who I just love and adore. :) I am sure you will too. So, lets turn on the spotlight and get this going, I am excited to introduce her to you.

AmBear: Who is Jessica in three words?
Jessica: Fun. Loving.  Adventurous.

You are quite lovable :)
AmBear: So, are you a blogger, beta reader, reviewer, P.A. Or all of the above?
Jessica: Yes all the above. I have pages also.

Our new generation for reading ---> http://jessica13bridgers.blogspot.com/ 
Many Authors Little Time FB GRP -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/love4indieauthors/

She also, because she is awesome, helps me run my group
Dreams, Wings and Fangs https://www.facebook.com/groups/379072722184971/ plus she helps me admin my fan page  https://www.facebook.com/AmBearShellea?ref=hl   Not to mention she also has a family! I know, I see her Superwoman cape too :) 

AmBear: How did you get into doing blogging/beta reading etc?
Jessica: So many great authors are self-published and they need help from their fans. I am a fan, so it is a way to tell the amazing indie-authors, Thank You. For letting me be apart of their dreams.

Let me tell you, we, authors love you right back. If any of you are not friends with Jessica, you should be. She is so sweet.

AmBear: What book/series would you like to see put on the big screen or in a TV show?
Jessica: Gosh, I don’t know! There are so many I would like to see on the big screen, but the one that comes to mind first is Species Intervention #6609 by J.K. Accinni. Just because her scenes in the book are so descriptive I would love to see them in action.

I will have to check that one out. Sounds interesting.
AmBear: Do you have a favorite book boyfriend? What makes him stand out above the rest?
Jessica: I have 800 some odd authors on my page and you want me to pick “A” meaning one book boyfriend! Well, if I have to pick I would say, Sebastian in “The RockNRoll Paraphantasy series by AmBear Shellea. I choose him because he is a Vampire for one. He’s so mysterious and cocky. Sebastian is so smooth and smart. He’s the glue that holds everyone, everything together. Without his character, the other characters would be lost.

Oh, Sebastian! I must admit, he is my fav too. Sexy sweet and a huge smartass. :)

AmBear: When your not being an Awesome PA, what can you be found doing?
Jessica: Thank you! It depends on the seasons: Spring I would be outside planting flowers and yard work. Summer Again outside suntanning and reading or solving a crossword puzzle. . Fall/Winter I’m trying to keep the pounds off with Wii games that get your heart pumping. It’s something to do with the kids.

Damn, I'm coming to your house. WOW! Sounds like the happenin place. :)

 AmBear: I know you share my love for cats, do you have one? Tell us a bot about it.
Jessica: Yes I have cat. Cats have always been my favorite. We adopted him, Orange Domestic Shorthair Tabby, from SPCA through PetSmart. They named him Orange Crush. He was already about 5/6 months. He choose my husband  who is not fond of cats. Of course the cat won his heart. We renamed him Kie-Kie. It was easier to call him. He is great with our family.

Aww, what a cutie.

AmBear: What genre is stocked on your shelf the most?
Jessica: Believe it or not I have more Contemporary/YA/Romance than any other Genre.

It's a big Genre, lots of people read it.

AmBear: If you could go to any world you have read, where would it be?
Jessica: In the Red Room! Hehe ;) Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James

LMAO! I think there is a long line for that 'room' :)
 AmBear: What book/books coming in 2014 is on your most wanted list?
Jessica: I can hardly wait for: Satyr’s Curse II by Alexandrea Weis, Teamwork (Wunder #3) by A.R.Von, Skyler Tower by Khelsey Jackson. There are so many more, but this is from the top of my head. Oh! I can’t forget the next book in the “RockNRoll Paraphantasy series” by AmBear Shellea

Yes, Book 4 is on its way soon! However I think you will see my current short before that one.

Alright Switchers that is all the time we have for today. I hope you enjoyed our time with Jessica, I know I did.  Have a great day and an awesome week. We shall see you back here tomorrow for another edition of Switch Up!

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