January 06, 2014

Switch Up with Beth's Bookbag

Hey all, welcome back for another show of Switch Up. Today we have Beth's Bookbag in the house.
*applause* We snagged her from her busy schedule and got her here and in the spotlight no less. So, Without further adu, lets get this party going.

AmBear: Tell us a bit about Beth's Bookbag.
BB:  Bethsbookbag   https://www.facebook.com/Bethsbookbag   started as a way to share my love of reading. A Bibliophile, I own over 4000 physical books and over 1,834 ebooks. I wanted to introduce my fans to the books and authors I have been privileged to.meet and discover over the years.

That is awesome.

AmBear: What books can be found in Beth's Personal Bookbag?
BB:  Beth's personal bookbag contains everything from Westerns to BDSM Erotica.

Sounds like my bookshelf. Good books can be found in all genres.

AmBear: I know your fans love you, what makes Beth's Bookbag so lovable?
BB:  I try my best to make it about the readers. I encourage book recommendations, author blogging and suggestions to make the page more appealing.

That's what caught my attention, the book recommendations.

AmBear: What book/series is most coveted by Beth's Bookbag?
BB: The Bataglia Mafia series by Sienna Mynx

Hmm, I will have to check that out.

AmBear: Can we find you on any other social media places, such as GR or Amazon? \
BB: Yes, I have pages on Goodreads, Amazon and Twitter.

Wonderful! YAY! Now, I can connect with you in those places too.

AmBear: Lets talk about goodies, does Beth's Bookbag do giveaways or contests?
BB: Yes, so far I have done five successful giveaways in the year since I began.

Fantastic. Everyone loves giveaways.

AmBear: What are you reading right now and do you like it/love it/ OMG, I am fangirling over here?
BB:   I am currently reading The Enslaved series by Shoshanna Evers.

Oh, sounds interesting.

AmBear: Do you have a favorite book that has been turned into a movie?
BB:  It hasn't been made into a movie, but the Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones is currently being turned into a cable series.

Really, I will definitely have to tune into that.

AmBear: On average how much time do you spend reading and posting?
BB:   I spend an average of thirty minutes to an hour Max posting a day. Although it's not in one sitting since I have a job.

That's understandable.People have to work. :)

AmBear:  Who is your fav Book Boyfriend and what series/book is he from? And what makes him oh so swoon worthy?
BB: Alex Cavanaugh from Taming the Scotsman by Sienna Mynx us definitely swoon worthy because of his Scottish Brogue. I'm a sucker for a foreign accent.

Oh yes! Gotta love that accent, it is so sexy!

Well that is all the time we have today. Thank you to Beth's Bookbag for joining us today. Tune in tomorrow come on back for another installment of Switch Up.  Have a great week!


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