January 01, 2014

Switch Up Tour with Jeanette Joyal

Hey Lovelies, welcome to the Switch Up Tour. Here we are doing things a bit different. You have blog hopped and read, commented and been part of Author Interviews, you know how it goes: Bloggers grill the authors and ask the questions the readers want to know. Well, the Switch Up Tour, is bass ackwards. I, the Author am putting the bloggers, beta readers, page admins, street team members and reviewers in the hotseat. I have met some very awesome people since starting my author journey and because I love them so much, I want YOU to meet some of these ladies of Coolness! I am sure that by the end of January, you will have found some new friends, just as I have done these past two years. Now, tossing the spotlight onto the wonderful awesome pimp queen and just plain kick ass friend, Jeanette Joyal whom I love to pieces! :)
Okay, I'm done for the moment with the mushy stuff, onto the interview...
AmBear: Tell us a little about Jeanette and what makes her tick.
Jeanette: Well I was born in Brooklyn NY, yep a NYC Girl. I then grew up in Upstate NY, not far from the Canadian Border. I met and married a wonderful Man then Moved to North Carolina where we raised five beautiful children together. Now we are blessed with six precious Granddaughters which four of them I watch one a daily bases so their parents can work.
That's awesome. :)
AmBear: So, let us know who you are; A blogger, a beta reader, reviewer, tour host, reviewer, page admin or all of the above?
Jeanette:I am a beta reader and a reviewer and a PA. Each is fulfilling and a joy. It is such an honor in itself for an Author to entrust you with their work and value your opinion but to get work with the Author’s on a personal level, well that is an experience like no other.
Well, you are pretty awesome...and busy it looks like.
AmBear: Do you have a regular group/author you beta read/blog/review for?
Jeanette: Yes I do, CHBB Publications. I really love all the folks there from the moment I first met them, back when I first joined their street teams. They were all kind, loving and warm and such an incredible family, yes I do mean family. They all have become an important part of my life from the owner SJ Davis, who is an incredible Woman that has a heart of gold and never cease to amaze me. There is also JacquieTalento who is the hardest working lady I know and always is there for anyone day or night with her words of wisdom and loving nature, I cherish her friendship and hold her dear to my heart. All the Authors have such talent, passion and love not only writing but for the fans. I can’t get over how each and every one of them is always helping each other with whatever needs to be done. However,the thing that really touches my heart is their generosity which has no limits nor does the compassion in their hearts. Last but not least is the street team members, they are amazing!! Each and every one of them is always on board sharing all the wonderful books so other can enjoy them as much as they do. These qualities that make them a unique team. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this elite Publishing house.
#onehouseunited indeed ;)
AmBear: If you could meet any author who would it be and why ?
Jeanette: LOL!! Well, there is so many, but one does stand out. Karen Marie Moning. I think she is an incredible Author who has such a way with words. Her story telling style is what set her aside from a lot of Authors. The Fever series is actually my Favorite of hers. I love her unique take on the Fae. It isn’t all fairy tale and butterfly happy ending stuff. It is raw you know. Not to mention where it all takes place Ireland!! Needless to say, it is one place I want to go!! The Characters are a trip!! Each with personalities you either love or hate. I love that in a book!! Now with that being said there is many I would love to meet like yourself, Rue Volley, Julieanne Lynch , Cameo Renae, Pyxi Rose, Piper Kay, Skye Kinzley , Faith Marlow, Kim Carmichael, Chelle, and many more!
Aww, I can't wait to meet you either. Big pounce hugs when that happens. As for the wonderful ladies you mentioned, they are on my list too.
AmBear: How did you get into blogging/beta reading/reviewing?
Jeanette: Well I was doing some reviews for some wonderful Authors, such as Tressa Messenger, Cindy Smith and others as well when I had joined a group ran by Crystal Rister that offered their books for honest reviews. I loved it!! Well needless to say I meet some wonderful friends there who were so kind and I took to them right off the bat. Especially my dear friend Cindy who always invited me to events and introduced me to so many Authors!! After a while during an invite I was invited to join my first street team, which was Hot Ink Press!! I was thrilled!! So... this is when I began to do beta reading!! Me!! It was such an honor!! I have to say I still get a rush whenever I am asked to do one. Eventually I was asked to do PA work for Authors and absolutely loved it!! I really believe this is when I found my true passion!!
Yes, gotta love sum Hot Ink Press! ;)
AmBear: What is your favorite genre to read?
Jeanette: That would have to Paranormal/ Fantasy
Me too. Magic and Paranormal...Oh, how I love thee.
AmBear: If your life as a blogger/beta reader etc. was a book, what genre would you be found under?
Jeanette: Well that depends because I do reviews in a wide range of Genre, ranging from Paranormal, Fantasy, YA to Erotica.
Sooo, a magic using teenager who grows up to be a naughty vampire, maybe? Hmm...There may be a book storyline there somewhere :) We might need to hash this out after this interview :)
AmBear: What is your favorite thing about being Blogger/Beta Reader/reviewer etc?
Jeanette: First I love the fact of being chosen to review the hard work that an Author has put in and know the value your opinion and thoughts . It is such a privilege and it is always such a thrill!! Now the PA work is amazing!! Especially when you know you are helping getting all these wonderful books out there for others to enjoy!! There is no better feeling then the enjoyment I get from it!!!
I have to say, I totally value your opinion and always look forward to your reviews of my work. <3
AmBear: Of all the characters you have discovered in the many worlds you have visited through the pages of books, if you could be any one of those who would it be?
Jeanette: Okay, I loved the Harry Potter series!! I have been fascinated with the whole world that this Author created. From the corky little shops found on Diagon Alley and the magical school of Hogwarts, to the many colorful characters whether they be heroes or villains. Needless to say everyone has their favorite character right? Well mine is Mrs. Weasely. I could see myself as her, taking care of all those children while running about taking care of all those pesky chores with the flick of my wand!! Not to mention the neat knitting trick!! I would love to live in that world.
I think we are all with ya on that one. Who isn't waiting on their ticket to Hogwarts :)
AmBear: Where can you found when you are having “Jeanette” time?
Jeanette: I watch my Grandchildren during the day so that takes up a lot of time but I do find time to do my knitting which I really enjoy. I make all sorts of things for the family such as, socks, fingerless gloves, hats, Christmas stockings and even bookmarkers. I also enjoy sewing and make tote bags. The kids love it!! Lol I enjoy being creative and coming up with new idea. Of course there is my books which a just love!! So as you can see my life is quite but comfortable I have a wonderful Husband and family who could ask for more. I am truly blessed.
Sounds like it. Blessed indeed, perhaps that's why you are such a wonderful person. Thank you so much Jeanette for coming by today. I always love visiting with you. You truly are a joy.
Join us tomorrow for another edition of Switch Up.

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