January 03, 2014

Switch Up With Colleen Everly

Hey Book Frens, welcome to another addition of Switch Up. Today I have the lovely Colleen Everly in the hotseat. Please make her feel loved by giving her a warm welcome. *applause and cheers* Okay, so now that the spotlight in on our guest, let's get started.

AmBear: Let's, start by telling us a little about you.
Colleen:  I am married, have been for 13 years we've been together for 25. I have 3 teenagers 14-19. I work in respite care.
AmBear: Thats a cool job. It's is always nice to see kind people doing just heart giving work. I am sure the ones you take care of are very thankful.
AmBear: Do you blog, beta read, review, a street team member?
Colleen:  I have a blog http://pamaceeve.wordpress.com/    I have a facebook page Colleen's books and review blog  https://www.facebook.com/colleeneverly71   I do reviews.  I tend to keep them short but I do state my opinion . I am on 18 street teams.

AmBear: Whew, you are quite the busy woman. One of the street teams she is on is mine and let me tell you, she is awesome. :)

AmBear: Next question. What is the one thing you like the most about blogging, reviewing, beta reading, being on a street team?
Colleen: The thing I like most about blogging reviewing and street teaming is all the people I get to meet and talk to virtually (of course.)

AmBear; Same here. I love meeting new people. I swear I have talked more about books I have read since I have become an author than I did when I just read. :)  It's awesome. I love to hear what people get out the same book. sometimes it's not always the same thing, that's when the convo gets interesting.

AmBear: Do you have an all time favorite Author?
Colleen: I have many favorite authors, too many to list.

AmBear: I think we can all relate to that. :)

AmBear: If you were given the opportunity to meet one author, who would it be and what would be the one question you would ask them?
Colleen: I don't know if I'd want to meet any of my favorite authors I would probably go all fan girl on them and freak them out. LOL.

AmBear; I know right? I am sure if I ever got to the chance to meet Terry Goodkind, I would totally make an idiot out of myself. :)

AmBear: Do you have a favorite Genre?
Colleen: My favorite genre is paranormal romance / erotica

AmBear: No wonder you like my street team, I write just up your alley.  Now who's fangirling?  :) Oh yea, a nice little tidbit about Collen, she was "fanged by Sebastian" and she liked it. :)

AmBear:  What do you love most about reading?
Colleen: What I love most about reading is all the places I get to read about.

Always a new place to explore when you open a book.

AmBear: When you are having Colleen time, where can you be found and what will you be doing?
Colleen: I can be found on my sofa with a glass of wine and a book.

Oh, sounds relaxing.

AmBear: Say you could escape anywhere, real or fictional, where would you go?
Colleen:  I have always wanted to go to Scotland and/or Ireland I would love to see the castles.

Same here! I am still waiting on my ticket for 9 3/4 so I can check out Hogwarts :)

AmBear: What genre is stocked the most on your bookshelf and in your Kindle/Nook/Reader?
Colleen:  The genre that takes up my bookshelves and kindle is paranormal romances.

Well, that is all the time we have for today. Thank you Colleen for joining me, I have had a great time talking to you, as always. Please be sure to check out her links she provided you...You never know, you just might find what you have been looking for :)

As I always say, Have an awesome day and a great week!

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