January 07, 2014

Switch Up with Book Boyfriend Reviews

Hey there book fans, thanks for joining us for Switch Up. Today we have the awesome and lovely, Book Boyfriend Reviews and this is going to be great! I have some really good, hard Questions for them. Let's see how they do, shall we?

AmBear: What is Book Boyfriends reviews? 
BBR: Book boyfriend reviews is a blog where we read and review books. We read paranormal, erotica, comtemporary romance, young adult, new adult.. pretty much anything we want.

Love that! You guys are awesome...If anyone of you haven't stopped by please do. :)

AmBear: Does BBR have a fav hottie they swoon over?
BBR: Asking us this is like asking us to pick a favorite child. It’s just not doable. Last time we tried to pick a favorite, we ended up with our top 20. So..as you can tell. We can’t pick just one. Here, check out our favorites.

These are some handsome hotties...I know a few of these. Swoon worthy indeed!
AmBear: When and why was BBR founded?
BBR: BBR was founded Dec 31 of last year. Can you believe it, we just turned 1! Sandie founded BBR because of her love for books and indie authors.

Awesome, Happy Birthday!

AmBear: What was BBR fav review of 2013?
BBR: Oh god, you’re asking the impossible again. There are so many that we loved. So many awesome books came out this year. We can’t pick just one. The same thing happened with books as did with the book boyfriends, we were able to narrow it down to…20.. lol . We can’t pick just one!

There were ALOT of great "OMG, I can't put this book down" books in 2013.  Based on what I have seen so far, 2014 is going to be no different.

AmBear: Many of us authors travel to many places to meet bloggers, readers and fans, are we going to see BBR at any conventions in 2014?
BBR: We are trying to ALL be at Book Bash in June in Orlando. Trying is the key word. We are from different areas of the country, so you can catch any one of us at some events. Sandie is in CA, so she will be going to events in and around LA. Dee is from OH and she is planning on going to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Louisville, and maybe WV too. Shannon is from GA and she is trying to attend New Orleans in Feb.

That's wonderful. Check your calendars, and come out to these events and meet these awesome ladies.

AmBear: Fans love goodies and giveaways, does BBR have any coming up anytime soon and what is up for grabs?
BBR: We have a multi-blog blogaversary big giveaway coming up. It will have swag, signed paperbacks, and ebooks. All the good stuff!

That's a good giveaway!

AmBear: What was the coolest thing BBR has ever won and received?
BBR: Sandie won the Liebster Award in 2013. That is pretty cool. But really, any time an author or reader says they love our reviews or gives us a shout out in any way it makes us feel really awesome and we love it.

Congrats on the Award, Sandie. I know how you feel, every time I get a message or comment from people, book related or not, It always feels like a win.

AmBear: Who does BBR fangirl over the most and why?
BBR: Oh man.. who don’t we fan girl over? There are so many incredible authors, so we don’t just fangirl over one, we fangirl over them all. 

I know right? someone asked me that too and I said the same thing. It is like trying to choose a favorite child.

AmBar: A Lot of books have been turned into movies and Tv shows, is there one you loved?
BBR: Hmmmm…. Hollywood hasn’t really lived up to our expectations with the book to movie adaptations. Of course, we loved the Twilight series, well the later movies…Twilight itself was … umm… yeah. and Hunger Games. Those movies are amazing. Percy Jackson was good.  

I hear ya, some are good and some are...'take that back to drawing board, it sux...my favorite has to be The Notebook.

AmBear: Describe BBR using a book title or Describe BBR in 3 words.
BBR: Oh man.. wait that doesn’t count!!! Okay.. ummm….

Yup! That's true. Love you ladies.

Well, that is all the time we have today. I hope you enjoyed watching these ladies squirm under the spotlight. Join us tomorrow for another edition of Switch UP and have a great week.


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