September 10, 2016

December 01, 2015

Too Shocking For Facebook

So, here is the ad (which I have ran many times) that is now "Too Shocking" for Facebook. 
This ad has been reported, blocked and turned down to share with my fans and readers. 

Sinners and Saints (Book 1)
Enter the Underground-See if you survive!

Vylette Echo goes from nightmare come true to an offer she can't refuse. Join her adventure as she fights for her life and her freedom in this YA Spy Thriller Romance. 

To learn more about this book, please look to the left and hit play on the book trailer. 
The buy link in is the box with it.
It is also part of the Kindle Unlimited program.
Thank you so much for stopping by. Reviews, comments and replies are not only welcomed but encouraged. 

As always, Happy Reading,

January 27, 2014

The Switch UP with Vampires Anonymous!

Welcome back to the Switch up tour! Sorry we have been out...This crazy weather has everything on the fritz. So, today we are hanging out with Vampires Anonymous. Yes, this is going to be fun! Here we go..

AmBear: Let's start by letting everyone know what is Vampires Anonymous?
VA: Vampires Anonymous is a Facebook Like page where we share everything vampire related. It’s a place for everyone apart of the vampire culture to gather and feel at home. We love all of our fans and we try our best to post everything and anything that they might be interested in, as long as its vampire related of course. We post things from styles to jewelry to make-up and costumes, as well as beautiful art and pictures from movies. We even go the extra mile and post historic folklore/legends of vampires from all over the world and the history of them. We’re also getting into posting vampire themed books now which has been very very exciting.

I love this page! If you haven't given it a like, please do so!

AmBear: How did you get started?
VA: August 5th 2012. Our page was created because the creator has a strange taste/obsession for blood and wanted to share it with the world. Our lovely Admin Marceline has been a doll; she’s the only real reason the page has gotten to where it is today. She’s the one who reviews all the important stuff on the page as well as the book reviews we get to post!
~.:Marceline: Awww<3 love you guys!

AmBear: Who is your favorite Vampire?
VA: In the Vampire world the person Vampires Anonymous swoons over is the vampire Lestat. Famously known from Ann Rice’s novels 1 famously known as “Interview with a Vampire” and from the movie, “Queen of the Damned”, Stuart Townsend plays him exceptionally well<3. There’s just something about a vampire rock star that just has gets to us!

One of my faves as well. Can we say, Tasty!

AmBear: What is the one thing about Vampires that makes you love them so much?
VA: This is a hard one for us here at Vampires Anonymous. We can’t just sum up 1 exact reason why we love vampires. Maybe it’s because of their mysteriousness, all that power in such a delicate form, or that longing look in their eyes, one searching for a companion to share eternity with. Who knows it could be their insatiable need to drink blood and their fangs that draw us to them. Still their beauty knows no bounds and it is distinctively the reason as to why so many people including us here at VA are drawn to them, however we would to have to say that it is their charming charismatic personalities that makes us love them so much.

~bloodsquirt~ “one does not simply name one reason for liking vampires, as there are a plethora of reasons within a single reason.”

AmBear: Do the lovelies at VA have a favorite author?
VA: Well our wonderful Admin, Marceline is always calling our fans her “lovelies” which makes them sound like either her food source or her children which can be a bit amusing at times. BUT! In all honesty it is hard to say who our fans favor, we post many things but we hardly get many likes on those posts, which makes us VERY sad at times. So even if our fans do have a favorite author we wouldn’t really know the answer.

It is hard to pick a favorite even for me, as there are so many great authors out there.

AmBear: What is the one thing about VA that makes it unique?
VA: We stick to our sources and we don’t go around asking people to share our page. People usually find us and we don’t really use provocative photos to boost the likes we get. We keep it simple, classy, and informative. We also make some of the things we post, like collages of certain vampire paraphernalia. We don’t just post about art or post pictures of just anything! We keep it all vampire related. Even though we do that, there are still TONS of things to post!

It is a great page!

AmBear: If you could be a Vampire for one day, what is the one thing you feed on?
VA: *Laughs* that is something we try to do every day. Many of our Administrators identify themselves as real vampires, but not like the ones you would normally see depicted in movies or in books. It is just simply how they live their lives. If we could be vampires for one day the number one thing we would feed off of would be blood. There’s just something about it, you know? Especially the way they show vampires drinking it in movies and TV shows today. It just makes your heart race!


AmBear: Let's say you could choose one book to make into a movie, what would it be?
VA: Well there are a lot of vampire books out there that we would LOVE to see be turned into movies, for example, “Dark Lover” by JR Ward. That would be an interesting movie if it were made. The fight scenes and the vampire world that exist in that book, WHOO! Absolutely outstanding!

Oh, that is a good one!

AmBear: Does VA have a book boyfriend crush?
VA: YES! Who do we not have a crush on? *Laughs.* We love Lestat from Ann Rice’s novels and we love Damon Salvatore from “The Vampire Diaries”. Honestly Lestat will just be the greatest vampire of all time to many of us here at VA. However, Damon Salvatore is an amazing character. He is so dynamic and the way he does things, expresses himself and holds true to his vampire nature, along with the longing and loneliness he has is something we think that everyone can connect to. It’s true, when you’re a vampire you’re not human anymore, you’re different and you have certain urges. A few of us here at VA truly believe that if vampires were real and a human became one, their emotions would be felt ten times more than they would have felt them as a human and that is the beauty of it, as well as why we love Damon Salvatore so damn much.<3

Damon is soooo YUMMY! That is the only reason I still even watch that show :) Gotta have my Damon fix!

AmBear: You throw a dinner party for a group of Vampires who feed on something other than blood, what do you serve and what entertainment do you plan?
VA: Well that is a hard one, since blood is the main food source for a vampire, but since blood is off the menu we’d have to serve something that acts as a blood substitute like blood beats or some sort of fruit/vegetable. Either that or we serve up Life energy that belongs to humans, which might be harder to obtain. We’d have to serve something! We can’t just let our guests starve, that would be inhumane *giggles*. The entertainment we would plan would probably be a few instrumental musicians to start off the evening. Very dark and sad, perhaps even goth or Victorian sounding piano songs and violin numbers throughout the night, not all played one after the other of course. We’d also plan some alternative rock music and the genre commonly referred to as Screamo, where people use screams in a musical way, which is professionally called “Distortion Vocals.” This type of music is very popular and an example of a band that makes this sort of music is known as “Pierce The Veil.” Most of the entertainment would be music that is produced by Fearless Records and Rise Records. The other entertainment we might have planned for the evening would most likely be some sort of play, since the creator loves Shakespeare and musicals. Perhaps even a few of our Administrators would love to put on the show for our guests, as long as it is what they want.

Awesome. That's a great answer. Love it.

January 07, 2014

Switch Up with Book Boyfriend Reviews

Hey there book fans, thanks for joining us for Switch Up. Today we have the awesome and lovely, Book Boyfriend Reviews and this is going to be great! I have some really good, hard Questions for them. Let's see how they do, shall we?

AmBear: What is Book Boyfriends reviews? 
BBR: Book boyfriend reviews is a blog where we read and review books. We read paranormal, erotica, comtemporary romance, young adult, new adult.. pretty much anything we want.

Love that! You guys are awesome...If anyone of you haven't stopped by please do. :)

AmBear: Does BBR have a fav hottie they swoon over?
BBR: Asking us this is like asking us to pick a favorite child. It’s just not doable. Last time we tried to pick a favorite, we ended up with our top 20. you can tell. We can’t pick just one. Here, check out our favorites.

These are some handsome hotties...I know a few of these. Swoon worthy indeed!
AmBear: When and why was BBR founded?
BBR: BBR was founded Dec 31 of last year. Can you believe it, we just turned 1! Sandie founded BBR because of her love for books and indie authors.

Awesome, Happy Birthday!

AmBear: What was BBR fav review of 2013?
BBR: Oh god, you’re asking the impossible again. There are so many that we loved. So many awesome books came out this year. We can’t pick just one. The same thing happened with books as did with the book boyfriends, we were able to narrow it down to…20.. lol . We can’t pick just one!

There were ALOT of great "OMG, I can't put this book down" books in 2013.  Based on what I have seen so far, 2014 is going to be no different.

AmBear: Many of us authors travel to many places to meet bloggers, readers and fans, are we going to see BBR at any conventions in 2014?
BBR: We are trying to ALL be at Book Bash in June in Orlando. Trying is the key word. We are from different areas of the country, so you can catch any one of us at some events. Sandie is in CA, so she will be going to events in and around LA. Dee is from OH and she is planning on going to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Louisville, and maybe WV too. Shannon is from GA and she is trying to attend New Orleans in Feb.

That's wonderful. Check your calendars, and come out to these events and meet these awesome ladies.

AmBear: Fans love goodies and giveaways, does BBR have any coming up anytime soon and what is up for grabs?
BBR: We have a multi-blog blogaversary big giveaway coming up. It will have swag, signed paperbacks, and ebooks. All the good stuff!

That's a good giveaway!

AmBear: What was the coolest thing BBR has ever won and received?
BBR: Sandie won the Liebster Award in 2013. That is pretty cool. But really, any time an author or reader says they love our reviews or gives us a shout out in any way it makes us feel really awesome and we love it.

Congrats on the Award, Sandie. I know how you feel, every time I get a message or comment from people, book related or not, It always feels like a win.

AmBear: Who does BBR fangirl over the most and why?
BBR: Oh man.. who don’t we fan girl over? There are so many incredible authors, so we don’t just fangirl over one, we fangirl over them all. 

I know right? someone asked me that too and I said the same thing. It is like trying to choose a favorite child.

AmBar: A Lot of books have been turned into movies and Tv shows, is there one you loved?
BBR: Hmmmm…. Hollywood hasn’t really lived up to our expectations with the book to movie adaptations. Of course, we loved the Twilight series, well the later movies…Twilight itself was … umm… yeah. and Hunger Games. Those movies are amazing. Percy Jackson was good.  

I hear ya, some are good and some are...'take that back to drawing board, it favorite has to be The Notebook.

AmBear: Describe BBR using a book title or Describe BBR in 3 words.
BBR: Oh man.. wait that doesn’t count!!! Okay.. ummm….

Yup! That's true. Love you ladies.

Well, that is all the time we have today. I hope you enjoyed watching these ladies squirm under the spotlight. Join us tomorrow for another edition of Switch UP and have a great week.

January 06, 2014

Switch Up with Beth's Bookbag

Hey all, welcome back for another show of Switch Up. Today we have Beth's Bookbag in the house.
*applause* We snagged her from her busy schedule and got her here and in the spotlight no less. So, Without further adu, lets get this party going.

AmBear: Tell us a bit about Beth's Bookbag.
BB:  Bethsbookbag   started as a way to share my love of reading. A Bibliophile, I own over 4000 physical books and over 1,834 ebooks. I wanted to introduce my fans to the books and authors I have been privileged and discover over the years.

That is awesome.

AmBear: What books can be found in Beth's Personal Bookbag?
BB:  Beth's personal bookbag contains everything from Westerns to BDSM Erotica.

Sounds like my bookshelf. Good books can be found in all genres.

AmBear: I know your fans love you, what makes Beth's Bookbag so lovable?
BB:  I try my best to make it about the readers. I encourage book recommendations, author blogging and suggestions to make the page more appealing.

That's what caught my attention, the book recommendations.

AmBear: What book/series is most coveted by Beth's Bookbag?
BB: The Bataglia Mafia series by Sienna Mynx

Hmm, I will have to check that out.

AmBear: Can we find you on any other social media places, such as GR or Amazon? \
BB: Yes, I have pages on Goodreads, Amazon and Twitter.

Wonderful! YAY! Now, I can connect with you in those places too.

AmBear: Lets talk about goodies, does Beth's Bookbag do giveaways or contests?
BB: Yes, so far I have done five successful giveaways in the year since I began.

Fantastic. Everyone loves giveaways.

AmBear: What are you reading right now and do you like it/love it/ OMG, I am fangirling over here?
BB:   I am currently reading The Enslaved series by Shoshanna Evers.

Oh, sounds interesting.

AmBear: Do you have a favorite book that has been turned into a movie?
BB:  It hasn't been made into a movie, but the Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones is currently being turned into a cable series.

Really, I will definitely have to tune into that.

AmBear: On average how much time do you spend reading and posting?
BB:   I spend an average of thirty minutes to an hour Max posting a day. Although it's not in one sitting since I have a job.

That's understandable.People have to work. :)

AmBear:  Who is your fav Book Boyfriend and what series/book is he from? And what makes him oh so swoon worthy?
BB: Alex Cavanaugh from Taming the Scotsman by Sienna Mynx us definitely swoon worthy because of his Scottish Brogue. I'm a sucker for a foreign accent.

Oh yes! Gotta love that accent, it is so sexy!

Well that is all the time we have today. Thank you to Beth's Bookbag for joining us today. Tune in tomorrow come on back for another installment of Switch Up.  Have a great week!


January 05, 2014

Switch Up with the Awesome, Jessica!

Whoo Hoo! Today we have my Awesome P.A. Jessica, who I just love and adore. :) I am sure you will too. So, lets turn on the spotlight and get this going, I am excited to introduce her to you.

AmBear: Who is Jessica in three words?
Jessica: Fun. Loving.  Adventurous.

You are quite lovable :)
AmBear: So, are you a blogger, beta reader, reviewer, P.A. Or all of the above?
Jessica: Yes all the above. I have pages also.

Our new generation for reading ---> 
Many Authors Little Time FB GRP --

She also, because she is awesome, helps me run my group
Dreams, Wings and Fangs plus she helps me admin my fan page   Not to mention she also has a family! I know, I see her Superwoman cape too :) 

AmBear: How did you get into doing blogging/beta reading etc?
Jessica: So many great authors are self-published and they need help from their fans. I am a fan, so it is a way to tell the amazing indie-authors, Thank You. For letting me be apart of their dreams.

Let me tell you, we, authors love you right back. If any of you are not friends with Jessica, you should be. She is so sweet.

AmBear: What book/series would you like to see put on the big screen or in a TV show?
Jessica: Gosh, I don’t know! There are so many I would like to see on the big screen, but the one that comes to mind first is Species Intervention #6609 by J.K. Accinni. Just because her scenes in the book are so descriptive I would love to see them in action.

I will have to check that one out. Sounds interesting.
AmBear: Do you have a favorite book boyfriend? What makes him stand out above the rest?
Jessica: I have 800 some odd authors on my page and you want me to pick “A” meaning one book boyfriend! Well, if I have to pick I would say, Sebastian in “The RockNRoll Paraphantasy series by AmBear Shellea. I choose him because he is a Vampire for one. He’s so mysterious and cocky. Sebastian is so smooth and smart. He’s the glue that holds everyone, everything together. Without his character, the other characters would be lost.

Oh, Sebastian! I must admit, he is my fav too. Sexy sweet and a huge smartass. :)

AmBear: When your not being an Awesome PA, what can you be found doing?
Jessica: Thank you! It depends on the seasons: Spring I would be outside planting flowers and yard work. Summer Again outside suntanning and reading or solving a crossword puzzle. . Fall/Winter I’m trying to keep the pounds off with Wii games that get your heart pumping. It’s something to do with the kids.

Damn, I'm coming to your house. WOW! Sounds like the happenin place. :)

 AmBear: I know you share my love for cats, do you have one? Tell us a bot about it.
Jessica: Yes I have cat. Cats have always been my favorite. We adopted him, Orange Domestic Shorthair Tabby, from SPCA through PetSmart. They named him Orange Crush. He was already about 5/6 months. He choose my husband  who is not fond of cats. Of course the cat won his heart. We renamed him Kie-Kie. It was easier to call him. He is great with our family.

Aww, what a cutie.

AmBear: What genre is stocked on your shelf the most?
Jessica: Believe it or not I have more Contemporary/YA/Romance than any other Genre.

It's a big Genre, lots of people read it.

AmBear: If you could go to any world you have read, where would it be?
Jessica: In the Red Room! Hehe ;) Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James

LMAO! I think there is a long line for that 'room' :)
 AmBear: What book/books coming in 2014 is on your most wanted list?
Jessica: I can hardly wait for: Satyr’s Curse II by Alexandrea Weis, Teamwork (Wunder #3) by A.R.Von, Skyler Tower by Khelsey Jackson. There are so many more, but this is from the top of my head. Oh! I can’t forget the next book in the “RockNRoll Paraphantasy series” by AmBear Shellea

Yes, Book 4 is on its way soon! However I think you will see my current short before that one.

Alright Switchers that is all the time we have for today. I hope you enjoyed our time with Jessica, I know I did.  Have a great day and an awesome week. We shall see you back here tomorrow for another edition of Switch Up!

January 04, 2014

Switch Up with Lady AmBer's Reviews and Tours

Welcome Switchers! Got the AmBear/Ambers in the house!! Today we are here with my good friend and just plain Awesomeness, Lady Amber, from Lady Amber's Reviews and Tours. If you haven't connected with her before, do so now! You will not regret it. :) So, Let's get to the good stuff.

AmBear: What does Lady Amber's Reviews/Tours do exactly and how long have you been doing it?

Amber: I have been blogging and doing reviews for about 2 years and in 2013 I branched out and started to host release & promo parties to help authors get more recognition for them as an author and their books. I have even started a tour company as well and recruit bloggers to review and promote authors on their blogs.!/ambersupernaturalandya?fref=ts

AmBear:Name the biggest reason you got into Review/tours.
Amber: I love to read, it is and always has been my escape.

AmBear: Does Lady Amber help many authors?
Amber: I like to believe so. I try to help everyone who asks. I may not always be able to do a review but I try to do some type of promo or share links when I can. I have and am a PA for several authors and try my best to make sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

AmBear: So, I hear that you have some badass bloggers, what is the one thing you look for should any bloggers who read this want to join you.
Amber:  I do!! They are all amazing but the biggest thing that I look for is Dedication! I want bloggers who sign up for a tour and be able to post on time.

AmBear: What makes Lady Amber so different from other tour/review groups?
Amber:  I like to think the biggest difference is that I know most of my bloggers and talk to them on a daily basis. I hate it when I tour for another company and I feel like I’m working with strangers or if I send them a message it either takes forever to hear back or you don’t hear anything at all. I look at my bloggers as my friends, I love them all and have come to know and care for each one of them. I like to believe I have one of the most amazing tour groups out there not because of me but because of those who blog for me. They are just phenomenal.

AmBear: Does Lady Amber have any other noteworthy ventures going on?
Amber: Yes!!! Lady Amber has now teamed up with a few other authors, Emma Michaels, Amy Lignor and Tanya Contois. We have started a publishing company called Hallowed Ink Press. I am so excited about this because the ladies that I am working with on this are amazing and I think we are going to go far. We have had so many amazing authors who have submitted or inquired already.!/hallowedinkpress 

AmBear: So when Lady Amber is “off the clock” what does she like to do?
Amber: I’m pretty boring but I have to say reading and spending time with my family. I have two girls who are just full of life and are always making me laugh and smile. I love them with all my heart and just don’t know what I would do without them, even if they think I’m a bit of a nerd lol

AmBear: Does Lady Amber have a favorite Author or Genre?
Amber: My favorite genre here lately has been New Adult but I read just about anything that catches my attention.

AmBear: What books can be found on Lady Amber's bookshelf?
Amber: OMG I have too many to name but rest assured yours are on it and looking might pretty if I might say so myself. My faves though are prolly the signed copies of Divergent and Insurgent!

 Aww, how sweet. :)

AmBear: Lady Amber's Reviews/Tours had a pretty successful 2013, what is in the works for 2014?
Amber: 2013 was amazing! Not sure if I can top that but I’m sure’s heck gonna try! I did a few blog hops and I would love to do more of those and other community involvement events this year. I have teamed up with Release Day Diva a few times and did a couple of different things and I think we can see more of that in the future. I admire the different events they do at YATR and would love to be able to implement some of them. Anything to help promote authors and bloggers. I am also hoping to release my book this year as well, but I have been keeping that on the down low. Only a few really know what it’s about or have read pieces of it. I’m really scared and excited for everyone to read it.

AmBear: That's it for switch Up today. Thank you Amber for stopping by. I love having you here.
Amber: Thank you AmBear Shellea for interviewing me as always you are awesome and it’s been fun hanging with you!
AmBear: Back atcha chicka! Awesomesauce!