May 18, 2013

Heavy Metal Heartbeat hits the News!

OMG! Check out the review of Heavy Metal Heartbeat in the Examiner! Holy crap! I am still on cloud nine and so excited! It was awesome! Here is some of my Fav lines:

" The scenes with Ozzie and Paige are so hot and seductive; their chemistry just oozes off of the pages. I found myself daydreaming about Ozzie, and wishing I was Paige; trust me ladies you want to read this book. Author AmBear Shellea has a way of writing intimacy that I just can’t explain; basically the love scenes are some of the most provoking and racy that I have read to date.

The author also has a unique way to bring your emotions up the rollercoaster of happiness−and then rip it right out from under you. The threats from the first book come back with a vengeance in the second book. There is kidnapping, passion, suspense and some very thought provoking moments in this book."

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