May 02, 2013

Heavy Metal Heartbeat ♥ 99 cents ♥ Please Share :)
He stood next to his father fidgeting with the loose strings of his jeans and white tank top. The horizon was swallowing the setting sun, taking all of its dusky orange light with it and... leaving only the soft light from the moon.
The blaring heavy metal tune did nothing to soothe his anxiousness. His skin crawled across his bones like ants on parade and his muscles twitched. His inner animal salivated at the prospect of a kill and paced its cage, biding its time. Words sailors wouldn't even use fell softly out of his mouth from the pent up frustration.
Hang on, I swear I will save you.
It played out as if in slow motion. He heard everything effortlessly: The soft swish of his father's plaid button up shirt as he carefully gathered his bow from the ground, leather gloves squeaking softly as he gently pulled the taught string, arrow notched and ready for flight. The breeze caressed every inch of the arrow as it sailed through the air with the speed of a jet. A wicked smile crossed his face.

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