December 05, 2012

Hello There,
Welcome to my page. I am AmBear Shellea and I write Fantasy and Paranormal romance. You Might have seen some of my work-Chaos Unleashed and Revelation from the Pedalstem Lillie Series are already out and Rock n Roll Promises from the Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series is due to release early 2013.  Have a look see at all the cool stuff and great Info I have.  Please, feel free to leave questions or comments!  I love visitors!  Oh, and whilst you are here, if you like it, become a follower--Thats the ticket to winning any prizes in the giveaways I host.
Thanks for droppin in!

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  1. Hi AmBear, I am the fist person to follow you on GFC and to comment on your blog. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog page. Your books Chaos Unleashed & Revelation and Rock n Roll Promises all sound very interesting and I will be buying and reading the first two books soon.