February 03, 2013

Love Rocks Book Tour Stop

Whoo Hoo! Day 2 in the Love Rocks Book Tour!  We have a small change in venue, today the excerpt will be read here instead. Booknerd 101, had to pull out due ot unforseen circumstances, so let's keep her in out thoughts.
So, Here we go.

Excerpt from Rock n Roll Promises

Two hours until sunset…

   She stood with her back against the wall and stared at her newly remodeled house. All that time and energy now looked wasted. Her kitchen now darkening and somber seemed to match her mood. With the help of her friends, the cute café table sat nestled along the far side of the kitchen, out of the way, and the chairs carefully stacked against the wall. Her eyes turned and lingered on the living room. All of her pretty wood and plush furniture which once sat neatly displayed around the room, were now crammed into every corner. Where maroon and cream used to beautifully mesh together and flow through the room, today looked as splotches on canvas corners.
The glowing, dark rays of the sunset splashed the room through curtain-less windows. Inhaling once, she took one last look, and then returned to the present and her awaiting task.

    I am sure glad that I have money because I am sure all of my stuff is going to be destroyed. If we all make it…it will be worth it.

She strode over to her stereo and clicked the play button. Metallicas “Fuel” wailed through the speakers. Heading to her room she let the music fuel her adrenaline.

Time to prepare for battle!

    Through the bedroom door, she marched to her closet and flung open the double doors. Her black leather outfit felt smooth in her shaky hands. She crossed the room, dropped the garment on her bed and pulled off her clothes. She yanked the one-piece outfit over her limbs and slowly pulled the zipper closed in the front. It fit as tightly as skin. The leather squeaked a bit as she moved her arms and legs, testing for mobility. She dropped onto the softness that was her bed and pulled on her tall, black boots that had been sitting under her nightstand. Dressed and ready, she walked to the bathroom and put her hair in a loose ponytail.

“If we werent about to fight a pack of dogs, I think I would take you where you stand.”

    She turned her head and looked at Jaxson in his human form, leaning on the doorframe. He looked as good as always, tight black T-shirt, jeans, and boots.

She smiled as she asked, “Like it, do you?”

“Oh, yes. Black leather outfit and long, blood-red nails…”

“Focus. Get your mind out of the gutter and on the task at hand.”

“Im focused. Just admiring what Im fighting for.”

She smiled at his words and heartfelt expression on his face. “Im not nervous, just anxious.”

Rock n Roll Promsies
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